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THE BONES OF GOD -- First publication, 1986, Avon Books, and now released in ebook format.

This was a 'serious' book made to look silly by a horrible cover on the original paperback edition (an ersatz Obi Wan Kenobi looking in a spaceship window)—see the left hand side cover above. I love this title, and still love the book (and I like the cover I've put together—see the right hand side cover—much better than the original).

I'd always wanted to write a book grinding my own particular axe that it's the disciples, not the prophet, who determine the course of the eventual religion, molding the prophet's teaching to their own agendas. I once started to do a fictional account of the life of Christ, but instead decided to take it into the future and widen my scope.

I was glad that John Douglas was willing to take a chance on the book, but I wish it would have been pushed more, or even given a half-decent cover. When I decided to put it out in ebook form, I figured I couldn't do worse... Hopefully, you feel the same way! THE BONES OF GOD was dedicated (again) to Denise Parsley Leigh

Also published by Headline Books, Great Britain, 1988.

"Here is science fiction at its most profound and relevant best." - T.N. Hackney, reviewing in Locus

"Complex, intriguing, unfailingly interesting... I recommend it enthusiastically!" - C. J. Cherryh, award-winning author

"It cost me an entire night's sleep... A mystic novel with a gritty and courageous sense of realism. The ending was absolutely perfect!" - L. Neil Smith, award-winning author

"This is a fascinating book, thoughtful and thought-provoking." - Sue Thomason, reviewing in Paperback Inferno.

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