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All the essays and articles here are offered free of charge. You're welcome to read any or all of them. All I ask is that if you do quote from or mention these essays, give me credit as the author and link back to this page! Most of these essays are derived from lectures during class or from presentations given here and there. I have several more of them. I'll (eventually) put up more.

The Awkward Conversation (2021)

The Formula For Success (2018)

Fan Fiction (2015)

Seven Strategies For Characterization (2013)

Ten Things I've Learned As A Writer (2013)

Research & Writing (2012)

A Love Affair (2010)

David vs. Goliath (2009)

I've Got An Idea! (2009)

The Odds of Getting Published (2009)

Being A Writer, Not An Author (2009)

Prejudice in Academia (2007)

Writing With An Actual Life (2005)

Creating Your Own World (2005)

A Mentor Remembered (2003)

Fish Tape: or, How To Write... (1999)